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FX industries is a family owned and operated company located in Hurricane, UT. Founded in 1984, our roots are in the lighting industry but have since diversified into the multi faceted company you see today. Every division of FX follows the same order protocol of safety, quality and production. We want to keep our employees safe, maintain a high level of quality and deliver a product that we can be proud of as a company. Currently FX designs, fabricates, manufactures and finishes a wide variety of products for many different applications that are used locally and around the world. Stop in for a tour of our amazing facility, meet the staff and see all that FX has to offer!

  • Glass & Polymer Color Filters
  • Glass & Polymer Diffusion Filters
  • Glass & Polymer Color Correction Filters
  • Glass & Polymer Neutral Density Filters
  • Dichroic Color Filters
  • Color Coated Light Bulbs
  • Color Poly Sleeves for Linear Fluorescent/LED
  • FadeNot Theatrical Gel

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FX Powder Coating is a custom batch coating operation. We specialize in catering to manufacturers needs with our superior customer service, pick up, and delivery of parts and rack customization systems. FX helps control manufacturing costs by achieving the most efficient rack density while at the same time maintaining a high standard of quality. Our capability as a fabrication company as well as a powder coating company allows us to manufacture any tooling necessary to rack a variety of parts. FX prides itself in using a 5 stage pretreatment method to guarantee the best possible powder adhesion to your part and our QC process ensures that no rejected parts will leave our facility.

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Creative Metal FX specializes in custom steel and aluminum signage. From conception to completion we design, CNC cut, fabricate, media blast, powder coat, and install a variety of different metal signage throughout Southern Utah. Our processes save time and money and our “one stop shop” allows us to control the entire process. If you are needing new signage or want to replace existing outdated signage or even a small custom metal cut for any reason, stop in or give us a call to see how FX can serve your needs!

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At Monument FX customer satisfaction is always a top priority. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and compassionate staff will help create a personal and fitting memorial for your loved one. We have a large selection of granite and natural stone monuments displayed in our hassle free temperature controlled showroom. Our in-house designers will collaborate and work with your wants and needs until the perfect composition is created. If you’re not finding that timeless monument you envisioned in our showroom, we can order any custom granite or stone in with no extra charges. Stop in today to find out how FX can serve your monument needs.

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Laser FX specializes in custom branded marketing and sales materials for your specific needs. We can laser any logo or design onto virtually any promotional item or award. If you don’t have a design our in-house design team can collaborate with you to bring your idea into reality. We utilize both a CO2 laser as well as a fiber laser to maximize our capabilities of different materials that can be laser engraved. From custom tumblers, awards, plaques, and even the ability to laser engrave photos we are your one stop shop for your laser engraved needs. Stop in today to see why Laser FX is above the rest!

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