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FX Industries is the parent company of Special FX Lighting, FX Powder Coating, Creative Metal FX and Monument FX. We are a family owned and operated business who cares about the community we live in and the people in it. FX designs, fabricates, manufactures, and finishes a wide variety of product for many different applications that are used locally and around the world. Each division of our company draws from the others strengths, capabilities and leadership to innovate new and exciting products.

  • Glass & Polymer Color Filters
  • Glass & Polymer Diffusion Filters
  • Glass & Polymer Color Correction Filters
  • Glass & Polymer Neutral Density Filters
  • Dichroic Color Filters
  • Color Coated Light Bulbs
  • Color Poly Sleeves for Linear Fluorescent/LED
  • FadeNot Theatrical Gel

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  • Custom batch coating powder coating operation located in Hurricane, UT
  • Coating to the standards of the Powder Coating Institute
  • Finish a variety of different metals in thousands of different colors and textures
  • Our capabilities include media blasting, accomodating parts as long as 20’
  • Gates , ATV & UTV, Signs, Sconces, Wheels, Bumpers, Steps

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  • Design, fabricate, & finish an array of metal products
  • All products are built in-house
  • Featuring CNC plasma cutting, media blasting, and powder coating as just a few of our processes
  • Custom: Signs, Benches, Pergolas, Awnings, Metal Structures, & Sconces

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  • Products & services include designing & installing monument stone signs, headstones, & address stones
  • Our in-house state-of-the-art laser can cut & etch, plaques, awards, & promotional products
  • All products are made in-house using locally sourced materials whenever possible
  • A quality oriented company that strives to exceed customer expectations

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